Resource Properties

Name Description Returns
id the identifier of the tool string
name the name of the tool string
languageBranch the language of the texts in the tool string
description a general text that describes the tool string
videos any videos of this action array of video references

HTTP(s) GET Operations

Listing Tools


Showing Specific Tool(s)




Drinks By Tool




JavaScript Client Library

Listing Tools

addb.tools().loadSet(function(query) { });
addb.tools('es').skip(10).take(25).loadSet(function(query) { });

Loading Specific Tool

addb.tools().load('boston-shaker', function(shake) { });

Auto Suggest Search (on name)

addb.tools().quickSearch('some query', function(query) { });

.NET Client Library

Listing Tools

var tools = ADDbClient.Tools().Skip(5).Take(20);

Loading Specific Tool(s)

var tool = ADDbClient.Tools().Load("boston-shaker");
var tools = ADDbClient.Tools("es").Load(new [] { "boston-shaker", "strainer" });

Auto Suggest (on name)

var tools = ADDbClient.Tools().QuickSearch("some query");