Resource Properties

Name Description Returns
id the identifier of the taste string
name the name of the taste string
languageBranch the language of the texts in the taste string
description a general text that describes the taste string

HTTP(s) GET Operations

Listing Tastes


Showing Specific Taste(s)



Auto Suggest (on name)

/quickSearch/tastes/search query/


Drinks By Taste




JavaScript Client Library

Listing Tastes

addb.actions().loadSet(function(query) { });
addb.actions('es').skip(10).take(25).loadSet(function(query) { });

Loading Specific Taste

addb.tastes().load('sweet', function(shake) { });

Auto Suggest Search (on name)

addb.tastes().quickSearch('some query', function(query) { });

.NET Client Library

Listing Tastes

var tastes = ADDbClient.Tastes().Skip(5).Take(20);

Loading Specific Taste(s)

var taste = ADDbClient.Tastes().Load("sweet");
var tastes = ADDbClient.Tastes("es").Load(new [] { "sweet", "sour" });

Auto Suggest (on name)

var tastes = ADDbClient.Tastes().QuickSearch("some query");