Resource Properties

Name Description Returns
id the identifier of the occasion string
name the name of the occasion string
description the description of the occasion string
languageBranch the language of the texts in the occasion string
start the discrete datetime this occasion starts discrete datetime
end the discreete datetime this occasion ends discrete datetime

Discrete Datetime

Name Description Returns
month the month number
day the day number
weekDay the weekday number
hour the hour number

HTTP(s) GET operations

List Occasions


List Active Occasion

Lists the occasions that is active at the provided date/time


time should be formatted yyyy-MM-dd!HHmm

Show specific Occasion(s)



Auto Suggest Search (on name)



Drinks By Occasion


Drinks By Active Occasion


time should be formatted yyyy-MM-dd!HHmm

JavaScript Client Library

Listing Occasions

addb.occasions().loadSet(function(query) { });
addb.occasions('es').skip(10).take(25).loadSet(function(query) { });

Loading Specific Occasion

addb.occasions().load('shake', function(shake) { });

Auto Suggest Search (on name)

addb.occasions().quickSearch('some query', function(query) { });

.NET Client Library

Listing Occasions

var occasions = ADDbClient.Occasions().Skip(5).Take(20);

Loading Specific Occasion

var occasion = ADDbClient.Occasions().Load("afternoon");
var occasions = ADDbClient.Occasions("es").Load(new [] { "afternoon", "evening" });

Auto Suggest (on name)

var occasions = ADDbClient.Occasions().QuickSearch("some query");