The Drink is ADDb:s main resource. It contains all the information needed to create the drink.

Drink Properties

Name Description Returns
id The id of the drink string
name the name of the drink string
description a general text describing the steps needed to mix the drink string
descriptionPlain a general text describing the steps needed to mix the drink, without tags string
story a story about the drink if exists string
color the color of the drink string
languageBranch the language branch of the texts in the drink string
rating the drinks rating by our bartender integer
skill the skillevel needed to mix the drink skill
video videos of this drink array of video references
isAlcoholic if the drink contains alcohol boolean
isCarbonated if the drink is carbonated boolean
isHot if the drink is hot boolean
servedIn the type of glass the drink should be served in entity reference to glass
ingredients the ingredients in the drink array of drink ingredient
tastes the tastes of the drink array of entity reference to taste
occasions the occasions this drink is suitable for array of entity reference to occasion
tools the tools that is used for this drink array of entity reference to tool
drinkTypes the types this drink is filed under array of entity reference to drink type
actions the actions that needs to be performed to make this drink array of entity reference to action
brands the brands that the drink belongs to array of string
tags the tags you have applied on this drink (if any) array of tags

Drink Ingredient Properties

Name Description Returns
id the identifier of the ingredient string
type the type of the ingredient string
text the friendly text of this ingredient string
textPlain the plain text of this ingredient without tags string

HTTP(s) GET Operations

Listing Drinks


Showing specific drink(s)



Auto Suggest (on name)

/quickSearch/drinks/search query/


A filter is made up with a key and filtering value ex. "with/lemon-juice". To make a query for drink recipes that contains Lemon Juice you call the url /drinks/with/lemon-juice/. If you also want to add a filter for drinks suitable for the evening the url would be /drinks/with/lemon-juice/for/evening/.

By Ingredients


By Ingredient type


By Taste


By Occasion


By Tool


By Rating


By Skill


By Alcoholic


By Existance of Video


By Carbonation


By Serving Glass


By Action


By Color


Available values for color are:

  • red
  • pink
  • yellow
  • brown
  • blue
  • green
  • purple
  • transparent
  • white

By Tag



  • numerical_condition
    • "gt50" (greater than 50)
    • "gte30" (greater or equal than 30)
    • "lt50" (less than 50)
    • "lte60" (less or equal than 60)
    • "50" (exactly 50)

Excluding filter

To exclude the next filter matches, add /not/ before it:


and/or filter

To build conditions in filter



How To Mix




JavaScript Client Library

Listing drinks

addb.drinks().loadSet(function(query) { });
addb.drinks('es').skip(10).take(25).loadSet(function(query) { });

Loading Specific drinks

addb.drinks().load('absolut-cosmopolitan', function(shake) { });

Auto Suggest Search (on name)

addb.drinks().quickSearch('some query', function(query) { });


    .loadSet(function(query) { });

.NET Client Library

Listing drinks

var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks().Skip(5).Take(20);

Loading Specific drinks

var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks().Load("absolut-cosmopolitan");
var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks("es").Load(new [] { "absolut-cosmopolitan", "dry-martini" });

Auto Suggest (on name)

var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks().QuickSearch("some query");


var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks()