Downloading Binary Files

The binary files can be downloaded from the assets server at



The first thing you need to do is configuring your settings before using the library. The code can be placed anywhere need to run before you start querying. Application_Start in your Global.asax is recommended for web applications.

using Absolut.ADDb.Client;

public void Application_Start() 
    ADDbClient.Configuration = new ADDbConfiguration 
        ApiKey = "your_api_key",
        ApiSecret = "your_api_secret"


ADDb-Csharp allows usage of a fluent code style to easily make queries against the ADDb. It's also meant to reseamble to LinQ. The real query against ADDb gets executed when the result is enumerated, just like in regular LinQ.

Quick Example

Here we query the ADDb for "The first 30 Drinks that contains 'lemon-juice' or 'orange-juice' that should be served in a 'cocktail-glass'"

var drinks = ADDbClient.Drinks()

Using addb-csharp

For more information on how to use addb-csharp to query for resources, check each individual resource for code examples.